Our Campaigns

Caring Across Generations works across the three pillars of care, while prioritizing comprehensive aging and disability care โ€“ especially home and community based services โ€“ that allow people to live and age with dignity where they choose.

Dozens of portraits of people holding signs that read
A group of people of varying ages and ethnicities and wearing matching T-shirts smile and celebrate outside the White House.

Take Action!

Want to join us in telling your elected leaders to advocate for better care for all? Sign the petition and tell Congress: Expand access to in-home aging and disability services!

An in-home care worker holds hands and talks with an older person who is lying in bed.

Home and Community-Based Services Access Act

An older adult is enjoying a meal while an in-home care worker assists.

Better Care Better Jobs Act

Two parents of different races hold and smile at a baby in their arms.

Child Care for Working Families Act

A toddler and an adult, both with dark curly hair, face each other and talk.

Family and Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act

Two adults with long dark hair, one younger and one older, stand outside on the street with a young child between them.

Healthy Families Act

A family caregiver and an older adult, both with light skin and reddish brown hair, sit together and smile.

Home and Community Based-Services Relief Act

A care worker with brown hair and light skin adjusts the oxygen tube of an older person with brown hair and a white beard.

Long-Term Care Workforce Support Act

Our Regional Work

We are working on the regional level to advocate for legislation across the care pillars, while building our bench of care activists, making care a topic in local and state elections, and highlighting and strengthening state-based care supports.

A group of people with brown skin, including adults and children with face paint, smile with a sign reading