Become a Care Influencer

The world needs to hear our care stories. By sharing the impact of our care experiences, we can break out of our isolation, build a thriving movement, and highlight the urgent need for collective solutions.

A still featuring care influencer Chris Punsalan with one of his loved ones, from his Care Catalyst Award tribute video.

What is a care influencer?

This is someone that is influential in their communities online or in-person who advocates for policies that make care more accessible.

How can I get involved?

Share your story on your social media profiles and tag our social media accounts so we can reshare it. Join our care activist Facebook group and share your story there.

Care influencer Raena Boston delivers her acceptance speech at the Care Catalyst Awards ceremony. Tarana Burke stands behind her.

Care Out Loud

The care stories we share on social media are powerful. By sharing our experiences and emotional reflections, we can bring more people into the care movement and strengthen our ability to call for change to our current precarious and patchwork care systems.

Reach Out to Us

Already creating amazing care content or want to learn more about being a care influencer?

Krista Tippett, Caring Across staff member Aisha Adkins, Bonnie Okoth of National Domestic Workers Alliance, Maria Town of American Association of People with Disabilities, and Yvette Nicole Brown speak on a panel at CareFest.