Our Supporters

Our supporters are critical to building momentum and enthusiasm for new systems of care anchored in public support. Together, Caring Across Generations and our champions are building a powerful movement pushing for accessible care support systems for everyone living in the U.S.

Our Supporters
Ai-jen Poo, reporter Jamie Yuccas, and Melinda French Gates smile and pose together.

Our Work

We work across policy, narrative and culture change, and in coalition spaces to demand investments in paid leave for all, affordable child care, and accessible home and community-based services for older adults and disabled people.

Our work is made possible by key champions like the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, RRF Foundation for Aging, and the Care for All with Respect and Equity (CARE) Fund. Special thanks to the Ford Foundation, which has anchored our strategic capacity development through the BUILD grant.

Our Champions

USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center Media Impact Project
Care for All with Respect and Equity Fund
Chicago Foundation for Women
Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media
General Service Foundation
Harmony Labs
Inevitable Foundation
Good Energy
Stupski Foundation
Metta Fund
Pop Culture Collaborative
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Storyline Partners
Think Tank for Inclusion & Equity
Yes, And Laughter Lab
A younger adult with light skin and brown hair pushes an older adult in a wheelchair, both of them smiling.

Join Our Care Champions

Changing narratives and policies to improve systems of care requires long-term organizing and collaboration. Our champions are critical to building momentum and enthusiasm for changing our nation’s systems of care to work for everyone.