Why care?

When it comes to care, we all deserve to be able to make the choices that are right for us, our families, and our loved ones. Care is one of the most fundamental and human things we do.

Care Influencer
Two hands clasp, one belonging to an older person with light skin and one to a young child with brown skin.

Millions of people are trapped in a care crisis every day.

A care crisis might look like:

  • Needing to choose between going to work and taking your parent to their doctor’s appointments
  • Having to sell your family home to qualify for Medicaid so you can access services to manage your disability
  • Being forced to leave your job because there are no affordable child care options in your neighborhood
Individuals at a rally hold signs that read

These crises are symptoms of a much larger system.

We need to leave behind our patchwork system, trapping us in impossible choices. We deserve comprehensive systems that allow us to make the best choices for our lives when it comes to our care. We need to build a culture of care in which no one is abandoned and left to suffer alone.


An economic issue
$21.5 billion

The amount of wages that workers and their families lose each year due to a lack of paid family and medical leave.

A racial justice issue
31.2 hours

The average length of time Black caregivers spend providing unpaid care each week.

A gender justice issue

The proportion of unpaid family caregivers in America who are women.

A disability justice issue

The estimated number of aging and disabled adults on Medicaid waiting lists for home- and community-based services.

A mixed race family with two young children smile and lean on each other affectionately.
Activists of various ages and races hold signs at a rally.

Change the future of care

If we act together, we can create lasting change. We need a movement of people united around our demand: to get everyone the care we all need and deserve, from child care to aging and disability care to better support for caregivers and care workers.