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On October 20th, The American Society on Aging released the first-ever issue of their Generations Journal that features all Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) and women-identified authors and experts. Titled Care is Fundamental, the issue was guest edited by our former Policy Director and now Executive Director of Family Values @ Work, Josephine Kalipeni.

The journal features articles from several of our Caring Across colleagues, on topics ranging from Sandwich Generation caregiving, to the narrative power of care, to aging while incarcerated. Please check out the links below to learn more about how these topics intersect with equity in aging.

And stay tuned for a Facebook Live Caregiver Corner on October 29th, featuring Josephine and our Caring Across authors in conversation with Patrice Dickerson, ASA’s Director of Programs and Thought Leadership. They’ll discuss how this issue came together, and why it’s so important to center the experiences of the most impacted as we fight for better care systems for us all.

Articles by the Caring Across team

The Care Infrastructure: Building Across Movements

By Ai-jen Poo and Sade Moonsammy

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Prison Is the Antithesis of Care: It’s Time to Invest in a Care Infrastructure Instead of a Carceral One

By Ifetayo Harvey

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Altering the Narratives We Are Told to Benefit Caregivers and the Work They Perform

By Ishita Srivastava and Bridgit Antoinette Evans

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Making it Work: Care, Blackness, and Generational Values

By Sadé Dozan

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These videos bring to life the issues around race, gender, sexuality, ability, identity, and class raised by care policy experts in the Fall 2021 Issue of Generations Journal, showing how they play out in people's experiences of aging and care in their families and communities.

Video 1: Care Origins


Video 2: Care Iniquities


Video 3: Care Futures


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