by Monica Ahanonu

A colorful and vibrant illustration, depicting a woman wearing an elegant green and blue dress and multicolor headwrap sitting at a sewing table with multicolored fabric draped over it, between her adult daughter dressed in a fuschia dress with blue stripes and purple headwrap, and her granddaughter wearing a simple blue dress and long ponytail. All three women share a similar deep brown skin tone. They smile, as the grandmother teaches her eager granddaughter how to sew, and her own daughter stands behind her fastening the bow on the back of her dress.

A word from the artist:

A young granddaughter, learning to sew and mix patterns just like her grandma. Meanwhile, her mom is fixing her grandma’s clothes, showing how we all help and care for each other over time. Patience, grace and willingness to see the positive, is what care means to me.