Abuela Gets A Fever

by Yosimar Reyes

Two videos, in color, playing on loop. The videos each feature a series of photographs of the artist, Yosimar, and his abuelita caring for one another throughout their daily lives, while Yosimar’s voice speaks poetry over the slideshows with closed captioning on screen.

A word from the artist:

I am a poet who is also a caregiver to my 88 year old grandmother. We are both undocumented but despite all the adversities we face in this country, I want to show the power of care and how we are each other’s motivation. These two poems are a small glimpse of the many emotions I feel as a caregiver. To me, care means to be connected to something higher than me. Care is a spiritual connection, it’s empathy. These are two love poems for a woman who has taught me that no matter what happens, I carry home with me.