Caring Across Generations responds to first ever full Senate hearing on Paid Leave For All

Statement from Nicole Jorwic, Chief of Advocacy and Campaigns at Caring Across Generations:

“Countless people across this country have suffered from a lack of a national paid leave policy, and it’s time we fix that. A national paid leave policy would benefit millions of families and our nation’s economic growth. Today’s hearing is a vital step forward.

“Caring for ourselves and our loved ones is the quintessential kitchen table conversation. Every family in America is talking about how they will care for themselves, their kids, or their aging, ill or disabled family members and loved ones.

“We should all be able to be there for our families and live fulfilling lives at every stage. We want to live in a country whose culture is rooted in caring for one another and where we each can determine our own life’s path.

“It’s important our elected leaders pass vital legislation supporting families — including policies and plans to strengthen the country’s care infrastructure.”