Statement on Biden Administration’s Childcare Requirement for Chip Manufacturers

Biden Administration’s Childcare Requirement for Chip Manufacturers Puts Ball in Congress’ Court to Invest in Care

WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 1, 2023)—The Biden Administration announced this week that semiconductor companies wanting access to $39 billion in subsidies must provide childcare to employees. The move is the latest by the administration to address the care crisis amidst Congressional inaction.

Despite overwhelming bipartisan voter support for public investments in the care economy, Congress has yet to move forward on legislation that would expand access to affordable, quality child care, paid family and medical leave or aging and disability care.

Below is a statement by Ai-jen Poo, executive director of Caring Across Generations and president of National Domestic Workers Alliance:

“The Biden Administration is doing everything it can to make sure that everyone who needs care can get it—and it’s time for Congress to finish the job.

“We must all recognize that support for care is what enables parents and caregivers to work in every sector—from manufacturing to retail. We need paid leave for families so workers don’t risk losing their income when taking time off to care for themselves or a loved one. We need affordable, high quality childcare so all children have enriching learning environments and parents and guardians can work or go to school. We need investments in aging and disability care so that older adults and disabled people can stay in their homes and communities. We need investments in the direct care workforce because care work is what makes all other work possible.

“This initiative to support access to care on the part of the White House should inspire action from Congress and beyond.”


Caring Across Generations is a national campaign of family caregivers, care workers, disabled people, and aging adults working to transform the way we care in this country so that care is accessible, affordable and equitable— and our systems of care enable everyone to live and age with dignity. 

To achieve our vision, we transform cultural norms and narratives about aging, disability and care; win federal and state-level policies; and build power amongst the people touched by care. For more information, visit CARINGACROSS.ORG