LA Workers and Caregivers Rally for More Paid Sick Leave in California

Groups Unite to Call for the Passage of SB 616 and Highlight The Critical Need for Paid Sick Days for All California Workers

LOS ANGELES—In a crucial show of unity, workers, caregivers, leaders and advocates from 14 organizations will gather in Los Angeles for a rally to call on California elected leaders to pass SB 616, which would require California employers to provide seven, rather than three, paid sick days per year.

SB 616, introduced by Senator Lena Gonzalez (District 33), would safeguard public health by ensuring that California workers do not have to choose between their health or their loved ones’ health and paying the bills. When workers run out of paid sick days, they are forced to choose between going to work sick and not being able to meet their basic needs like rent, food and medicine. No one should face this choice.

Paid sick days are especially critical for underpaid workers, many of whom are Black, Brown and immigrant women, who are less likely to have access to the paid sick days they need and deserve. Paid sick days help keep families financially secure, workplaces and communities healthy and productive, and businesses and the economy strong.

Current California state law requires employers to allow their employees to earn and use three paid sick days per year. This is simply not enough. Several states, including Washington, Arizona, Oregon, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Mexico, Vermont, Maine and Connecticut all provide more paid sick days than California.

Some cities in California, including Los Angeles, have passed more protective ordinances than current state law. However, we need a statewide paid sick days standard with an adequate number of paid sick days because every worker in California deserves the same right to paid sick leave.

Workers across industries and caregivers of all ages are united in calling on elected leaders to improve our state law so that no worker has to work sick or risk losing their income or job. A strengthened statewide paid sick days standard is essential for a brighter future for all Californians.

Event Details

Los Angeles Workers and Caregivers Unite to Call for the Passage of SB 616 and Highlight The Critical Need for More Paid Sick Leave in California

Senator Lena Gonzalez, California State Senator from the 33rd Senate District

Rally Speakers

  • Rosangela Banuelos, McDonald’s worker in LA and leader in the Fight for $15 and a Union
  • Gustavo Canez, grocery store worker
  • Juan Guerrero, Caring Across Generations
  • Damien Goodmon, Executive Director, Liberty Ecosystem
  • Catherean Mitchell, co-founder, Mitchells Transport and member of Small Business Majority
  • Taylor Smith, unpaid family caregiver
  • Michelle Reed, In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) worker and member of SEIU 2015
  • Jose Ixcal, car wash worker
  • Alondra, retail worker

11 a.m. PT Tuesday, July 25

The Umoja Center, 3347 W 43rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90008, Los Angeles (South Central)

Livestream link for remote participation:

Rally Partnering Organizations:

  • California Coalition on Family Caregiving
  • California Work & Family Coalition
  • Caring Across Generations
  • CLEAN Carwash Worker Center
  • Fight for $15
  • Leap of Faith
  • Leeza’s Care Connection
  • Liberty Ecosystem
  • Public Counsel
  • UFCW 770
  • UFCW Western States Council
  • SEIU California
  • Small Business Majority