Projection by Multimedia Artists In Downtown D.C. Spotlights Women Missing From Workforce Due to Lack Of Care Supports

Artist Group Who Protested Former Pres. Trump Aims Projector at White House, Congress

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WASHINGTON, D.C.—As Congress tries to finalize a deal this week around the reconciliation bill, multimedia artists projected a series of messages in downtown D.C. last night, spotlighting the critical need for care infrastructure investments. The looped projections spotlighted the 5.4 million women missing from the workforce due to continued lack of caregiving support. The stunt was the latest from Bell Visuals, the group responsible for viral protests targeting former President Trump. The projection brought attention to President Biden’s promise to deliver child care, paid leave and long-term care supports for families.

“We wanted to shine a light for #CareCantWait to help motivate people in power to do the right thing and fully fund home and community services,” said Robin Bell, founder Bell Visuals.

Projected onto the facade of SEIU’s office near Dupont Circle, the looped projections read: “5.4 million women left the workforce in the first year of the pandemic. How many had to stop working to care for their loved ones? #CareCantWait.”

Media outlets have reported that some investments in child care and home and community-based care for aging adults and people with disabilities remain intact in the Build Back Better agenda, but that paid leave may be on the chopping block.


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