Caring Across Generations Statement on Voluntary Recognition of Employee Union


Caring Across Generations Voluntarily Recognizes Employee Union

Today, Caring Across Generations leadership released the following statement regarding its voluntary recognition of the organization’s newly formed staff union:

“Caring Across Generations leadership is excited to announce the voluntary recognition of its employees’ union, Communications Workers of American Union (CWA) 1180, following a mutually agreed neutral card-check confirming union support from a majority of eligible staff. We applaud these passionate, dedicated workers who are exercising their fundamental right to organize in their workplace, and we remain committed to supporting all staff, regardless of affiliation.

“We were proud to work diligently to voluntarily recognize this union. We look forward to working toward a mutually agreed-upon collective bargaining agreement and further, to a longstanding and productive working relationship with our staff union.

“Caring Across Generations is dedicated to building a caring world where people can live, work and age with dignity and we voluntarily recognize this union as a part of our mission to shape a country whose culture is rooted in caring for one another.”


Caring Across Generations is a national organization of family caregivers, care workers, disabled people, and aging adults working to transform the way we care in this country so that care is accessible, affordable and equitable— and our systems of care enable everyone to live and age with dignity.

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