Caring Across Generations Statement on Gov. Pritzker’s 2023 Budget Address

Let’s seize the moment: Care Advocates Respond to Gov. Pritzker’s Proposed $250 Million in Childcare Investments

In response to Governor Pritzker’s statements on February 15th in his 2023 budget address, Ai-jen Poo, executive director at Caring Across Generations, released the following statement:

“We applaud Governor Pritzker’s multi-year plan and proposed investments in childcare programs, including preschool for Illinois’ three- and four-year-olds and increased investments in early childhood programs for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The lack of affordable, quality early care and education for families is a gap that greatly contributes to the care crisis in Illinois. This $75 million investment to open up 5,000 more preschool spots is an important step in making sure every family in the state has access to the early child care they need.

“We also welcome the Governor’s proposed $130 million boost to dramatically increase pay for child care workers to between $17 and $19 an hour, a vital move to ensure that these essential workers are paid fairly so that they too can provide for their families.

“This year, the Illinois General Assembly has an opportunity to address our state’s care crisis by continuing to invest in our care infrastructure; including paid leave, child care, and aging and disability care, while making sure the workforce is well compensated for the critical work they do.

Let’s seize the moment.”


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