Ai-jen Poo celebrates Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter's dedication to caregiving - Caring Across Generations

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Ai-jen Poo celebrates Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter’s dedication to caregiving


Ai-jen Poo celebrates Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter’s dedication to caregiving

Below is a statement from Ai-jen Poo, executive director of Caring Across Generations and president of the National Domestic Workers Alliance:

“I hold so much gratitude for Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, who has passionately lifted up the dignity of all of us who need and provide care. Her leadership on behalf of caregivers has made a powerful, lasting impact on how this country cares for one another. Mrs. Carter’s dedication to care has sparked action by our leaders to change policy, and helped everyone value caregivers for their true worth. In her recent announcement, the First Lady continues to model how to live and age with grace and dignity. Mrs. Carter, we are thinking of you. We know you are well cared for and we hold your loving family and community in our hearts too.”


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