A movement for family caregivers

A movement for family caregivers
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You can join the movement of family caregivers Vanessa describes below by clicking here.

Family caregivers don’t get much help. But at Caring Across Generations, we are out to change that.

I grew up in Georgia, in an immigrant family that put a very strong value not just on family but also on caregiving. We would all join in caring for our family’s children and elders. And as I grew up, I watched my mom take care of her mother, her great aunt, and her mother-in-law for the better part of three decades, while also working full time and raising three girls.

Then, when my mom was struggling with an illness recently, it wasn’t a question. It was very much an honor for me to be involved in her care. I moved in with my parents for six months to help my mom recover.

While I was caregiving, I didn’t get much help from outside the family. Most caregivers don’t. And many of the proposed changes to healthcare laws would actually make our jobs harder. That’s why I’m really excited to be leading Caring Across’ commitment to help family caregivers join together and build the care we need. Not just for the loved ones we care for, but for ourselves as well.

We’re organizing a movement of family caregivers and we want you to be a part of it. But we know that family caregivers can’t do this alone. We also need anyone who believes that America needs to invest in building strong families from birth through end of life.

You may not think of yourself as a caregiver. But if you make meals for a loved one who can’t any more, or help them with their shopping, or drive them to doctors’ appointments, or manage their finances, that’s exactly what you are. Our movement of caregivers is working to make your life easier.

We’re pushing for changes to Medicaid that make it easier for people to age in their own homes. In some states, we’re organizing for Universal Family Care, which would provide free home care for older folks and free child care for kids under four. And in Hawai’i, we just won a groundbreaking program that provides a daily stipend to working family caregivers, so they can hire someone to help out when they can’t be there.

Caring Across advocates have submitted comments to state agencies and testified at US Senate hearings. We’ve hosted book talks and film screenings across the country.

And we need you. We’re building the Caring Majority to demand more support for family caregivers everywhere.

Sign on today.