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Grandparents Day is No Hallmark Holiday


This weekend, our partners around the country are coming together on Grandparents Day, Sunday, September 7, to celebrate and take action to support grandparents and seniors. 

Our partners at Take Action Minnesota shared why they are participating in Grandparents Day this year.

Reposted with permission from Take Action Minnesota.

Grandparents Day is No Hallmark Holiday — It’s a Day to Act for Grandparents and Seniors

By Elizabeth Lienesch, Take Action Minnesota

Last weekend, I used “FaceTime” with my Grandma Marion who lives in North Carolina. FaceTime isn’t complicated, it’s just an app on a cell phone that lets you video chat. But what this simple tool gave me was a chance to see my Grandma’s smile, give her a virtual tour of my apartment and vegetable garden, and actually wave hello and goodbye as we greeted each other and said goodbye.

It was great to see my Grandma’s face. And as we hung up, I thought about all the things she’s taught me about the more “traditional” kind of face time – the kind of engagement in community that doesn’t require a cell phone.

Over the years, I’ve watched her carefully staying in touch with friends in far off places through hand-written letters, Christmas cards, and newspaper clippings and I’ve learned about the power of building relationships and being present in people’s lives. As I watched her meet, talk with, and become close to my friends (I swear most of them liked hanging out with her more than hanging out with just me), I learned that differences in generations don’t need to divide us, and that they can be bridged through stories, conversation, and shared values. And as I watched her years and years of volunteer work through the League of Women Voters, she taught me to believe in the power of people’s voices in our democracy, and that people should have a real say in the decisions that impact their families.

Grandma Marion gave me an example of how to connect to my neighbors, my community, and my democracy. And in an election season like this one, that old-fashioned kind of face time is critically important.

Now is the time to elect people who will stand up for a Minnesota that puts people’s needs in front of corporate profits. People who will make it easier, not harder, to vote. People who will invest in ALL people’s ability to live lives of dignity, whether it’s through paid sick days, access to high-quality long-term care, or universal health care. To elect these kind of people, we know we need Minnesotans talking to Minnesotans. Neighbors talking to neighbors. People coming out to share their own stories about the kind of Minnesota they want to live in with the people around them.

With all that in mind, I want to invite you to join me for some old fashioned face time at TakeAction Minnesota’s Day of Action for a New Economy Across Generations on Sunday, September 7th.

The 7th is Grandparent’s Day, and to celebrate, we want to bring generations together for a community meal, gathering, and door knock. Now is the time to link arms across generation and build the kind of state where everyone can thrive.

Here are the details; we’d love to see you there:

What: Day of Action for a New Economy Across Generations
When: Sunday, September 7th, 12pm to 5pm
Where: Brooklyn United Methodist Church, 7200 Brooklyn Bvld, Brooklyn Center, 55429
Bring: Yourself, a grandparent, parent, kid, or friend, and a picture of yourself with a grandparent or grandchild for a collective art piece

Questions? Call Elizabeth, 651-379-0744