They didn’t ask us

They didn’t ask us
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My mom has taken care of me almost all of my life. Now I’m taking care of her.

She’s 85, and dementia is starting to take away her independence. She’s mostly self-sufficient, but she doesn’t drive any more, and she’s fearful of being home alone.

I love my mom and the time I get to spend with her. But I often feel isolated because it’s just the two of us in the house all day every day. I need more support, and a sense of community.

But nobody asked me what I needed when they were writing the Senate health care bill. In fact, that plan would make my life harder, not easier. It would slash the Medicaid support I rely on for my own health care. And it would take away the care supports my mom depends on. What will happen to us?

I just called my Senators to tell them that the new Senate health care plan will make my life as a caregiver harder — and that they should be working to make caregiving easier, not harder. Will you join me and Caring Across to make your call today?

Click here for the number and a sample call script.

Family caregivers like me need more support, not less. But did they ask a single caregiver what we hoped for from the bill? No, they did not.

If they had asked, we would have been pretty clear. We need the ability to hire respite caregivers, so someone can look after mom while we take care of ourselves. We need affordable health care so we don’t get sick while keeping our loved ones healthy. We need the people we love to be able to access the affordable care they need. And we need guidance and support from healthcare professionals and community leaders, so we know we’re not alone.

None of that is in the Senate health care bill.

Senators promised to create a health care plan that would cover more Americans at more affordable prices. But that’s not what this bill does.

We can’t afford the Senate bill’s so-called “care.” We need to do more to invest in our caregivers and strengthen our families.

Will you join me and Caring Across in calling your Senators and letting them know that any changes to health care should make our lives easier, not harder?

Make your call today.

Thanks for your support,

Deb Gordon
Family caregiver