Celebrate National Caregivers Month

Celebrate National Caregivers Month
Blog Stories Celebrate National Caregivers Month

November is National Family Caregivers Month: a time to celebrate the immense contributions of the family caregivers who take care of us, who keep our families and communities afloat, and who advocate for change for people who give and receive care.

Though National Family Caregivers Month has been celebrated informally in the past, this year, in the midst of working to pass Build Back Better legislation that would support family caregivers providing care for people of all ages, President Biden officially designated the month of November to “recognize the important role of our Nation’s family caregivers and thank them for the invaluable and instrumental care they provide.”

This recognition is long overdue, but certainly welcome for the millions of caregivers whose essential work has often been invisible. And what better way to recognize caregivers than by telling their stories? Below, we’ve shared blogs written by the caregivers in our network who have lived and breathed caregiving, and know what we have to do to build a more caring future for us all.

And stay tuned for more National Family Caregivers Month content, coming soon!

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