Caregivers Respond to Biden’s $400B Investment in Care Infrastructure

Caregivers Respond to Biden’s $400B Investment in Care Infrastructure
Blog Stories Caregivers Respond to Biden’s $400B Investment in Care Infrastructure

With the release of Biden’s $400 billion care infrastructure plan, most responses fall into one of 2 categories:

1) Finally, what our families and economy needs!

2) But is this really infrastructure?

Some pundits and political writers are saying that the care supports in this plan aren’t real “infrastructure.” But care is as fundamental economic infrastructure as it gets: this $400 billion will strengthen essential supports for seniors and people with disabilities to allow them to live with dignity and independence in their homes, while creating care jobs and raising wages for the workers who do this skilled, heart-giving work. To quote Twitter user Debbie Toth: “Heck yes this is infrastructure!”

The vast majority of voters agree – and it’s been amazing to see the responses from some of you – our country’s 53 million family caregivers – who may be feeling seen, valued and supported in our political discourse and President’s priorities for the very first time. Maybe you manage medication and bills for a parent with dementia, or you’ve been monitoring Zoom school while you work from home. Maybe you’re a professional care worker who loves the people you work with, but can’t pay your bills because your wages are too low. Here’s a sampling from perusing Twitter for an hour – where do you fit, and what’s missing?


Former caregivers know that this is infrastructure, and say how much it would have helped them out:

People providing care NOW are excited to get the supports they need:

People who anticipate caregiving in the future know that we need to secure this infrastructure for the future:

People know how much this would boost the economy and workers:

And how much this would support women:

And we know there are so many other voices out there! 

This plan is a huge step, but it’s still just the first step. We’re at a tipping point, and now is our chance to get the support so many of us desperately need.. There are millions of us with stories like the ones you read above. Lawmakers across the nation need to hear from us now, and we need to hold them accountable to helping us build the more caring future we all need and deserve!

What does this mean to you? 

Share your experience as a caregiver, care worker, or care recipient with the hashtag #CareCantWait, or tag @caringacrossgen, to show why care infrastructure is the infrastructure investment we need now. And tomorrow, April 10th, join us at our Care Can’t Wait Summit, featuring Vice President Kamala Harris and Speaker Nancy Pelosi!

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