Abortion is care: Access to safe, legal abortion is a vital form of care

Abortion is care: Access to safe, legal abortion is a vital form of care
Blog Stories Abortion is care: Access to safe, legal abortion is a vital form of care

Everyone must have a right to choose how to care for themselves, their families, and their communities. 


The Supreme Court is considering overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that’s guaranteed the right to abortion for a half-century. In a leaked memo written by Justice Alito, a majority of the court has said they would vote to overturn Roe.

Access to safe, legal abortion is a vital form of care, and this decision would put millions at tremendous risk. Like all personal care decisions, people should make choices right for them.

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While this leaked decision isn’t final – there are still abortion rights in the U.S. – its breadth and sweeping disregard for people’s rights to make choices about their own bodies mark a dangerous precedent.

Our nation already fails to help us care for our parents and  children. We have the highest maternal mortality rate of any developed nation, and Black people who give birth face the highest risks. We have no national paid parental leave and no universal childcare or long-term care. This ban will only put more strain on our broken care systems, taking away an essential form of care that many people rely on in the face of a country that already fails to care for them.

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The people who will be most hurt by these bans are those who already lack access to quality care that values their lives and honors their experiences: BIPOC, LGBTQ+ communities, poor and working class people, people living in rural areas, and immigrants. Anti-choice legislation perpetuates cycles of inequitable healthcare and poverty that echo across families for generations.

It’s essential that we take this moment to fight back for access to safe, accessible, legal abortion care. Everybody must have the ability to decide how to care for themselves.

We must mobilize now. We still have abortion rights and the majority of the US believes that Roe v. Wade must stand. We need to come together in communities all across the nation to fight for our human rights.

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