Service & Medication Management

Care Inclusion Guide Action Service & Medication Management

Managing a calendar of appointments like a Tetris master, or curating a creative system to track times for someone to take their meds — true to life details that can add a lot of color to care-related stories.  And they don’t to be the plot!  Simply showing characters or talent engaging in these kinds of actions in the context of a scene makes an impact. Lights, camera, care!

Care can look like:

  • Scheduling appointments for someone – a high stakes game of musical calendaring
  • Handling insurance claims – it’s “calling a cable company” drama but 100x worse
  • Picking up someone’s prescription – bonus points if pharmacist is also a funny character
  • Managing medication – or the hijinks that ensue when this ball gets dropped
  • Applying for a care service program – like a college application but with fewer teen-angst-fueled essays
  • Facilitating a school IEP (Individualized Education Plan) – everyone loves an entertaining principal

A quick note: scenarios described here are generalized from information that Caring Across Generations has collected through focus groups, polling, and other research. They are generalized scenarios and are not any one individual’s story, and they are not meant to be comprehensive of all experiences having to do with care. This resource is intended to illuminate new storytelling opportunities that also contribute to a more authentic and holistic representation of care on screen.