What question do you want to ask the candidates?


Did you hear what the candidates said about care last night? Here’s a hint:

There's an animated gif of a cricket here.

That’s right. For the second straight debate, we heard crickets — nothing, zilch, nada — about caregiving from the eleven Republican presidential hopefuls on the stage.

While it might drive ratings to trade critiques about looks and poll numbers, the next president will need to find solutions that help families care for their loved ones. In the 13 hours since the debate started last night, 5,417 Americans have turned 65. We can’t afford to wait for answers, especially from presidential candidates. They must articulate their long-term plan for long-term care.

We want to hear from you: if you were moderating last night’s debate, what would you have asked about care?

We’ll use your questions to help create a questionnaire that we’re planning to send to all the candidates — both Democrats and Republicans — later this year.

Every four years, we get a chance to have a national conversation about our hopes, our values, and our collective vision for our future. After more people celebrated Grandparents Day last weekend than ever before, it’s clear that folks across the country care about the older adults in their lives. Now it’s time for our politics to show it.

Do you want to know how the candidates plan to take care of our growing population of older Americans? How they plan to ensure that the caregiving workforce can care for their own families? How they’ll support family caregivers and members of the sandwich generation?

Tell us what you’d ask the candidates about care and help kickstart this important conversation. Email us your question at info@caringacrossgenerations.org. 

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