The Grandmas Are Coming - Caring Across Generations

The Grandmas Are Coming

Grandmas, abuelas, bubbies, nanas, yayas, amas, nonas, glammas, community elders—we see our children’s and grandchildren’s futures at risk—and we can’t wait any longer.

Share a family photo here — and on social media using the hashtag #TheGrandmasAreComing before December 9 — to show why the Build Back Better plan is important to every generation of your family.

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Not sure what to say? Here are some sample posts that you could use:

– With my experience as a grandmother and a family caregiver, I’m calling on Congress to pass the Build Back Better bill. It provides HCBS so I can age in my own home, and early childhood education that will give my grandchildren a better future.

– My grandmother always told me, “Be sure to look after the next generation.” I know she’d support Build Back Better because it provides the caregiving supports that will let our families thrive.

– Grandmothers want the best for their families. Congress, seize this once-in-a-generation opportunity for America. Pass #BuildBackBetter with its supports for family caregivers that will let my children and grandchildren thrive.