RFP: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant - Caring Across Generations


Request for Proposals: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant

Release Date: September 4, 2020

About Caring Across Generations

Caring Across Generations is a national campaign leading the effort to transform the way we care in America. Harnessing the power of online and grassroots organizing and culture change work, we are shifting how our nation values caregiving and calling for policy solutions for all of us to live well and age with dignity.

Launched in 2011 by Ai-jen Poo at the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) and Sarita Gupta at Jobs with Justice (JWJ), Caring Across was founded on the belief that we can address the growing care needs of our families – and the related economic insecurity that comes with it – through building the Caring Majority, policy and culture change that shifts how our society values care — while addressing a number of pressing and interrelated social justice issues (gender equity, immigration, workers rights, healthcare, retirement).

Our primary policy objective, Universal Family Care (UFC), would create a program to holistically integrate and provide caregiving supports across the lifespan – from child care and early-childhood education, to paid family and medical leave, to long-term or end of life care for a family member or oneself – while strengthening the economic security of the 21st century American family.

Our Team

Caring Across was founded by women of color and our team is multi-racial, being evenly split between people of color and white people. (There are no men currently working at Caring Across, though men have worked here in the past and could be hired in the future.)

We have a core staff of 16, primarily based out of New York with an additional office in DC, as well as staff in Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, and New Jersey. During this global pandemic, Caring Across is entirely remote.

Our team believes that Caring Across should center Black and Brown people, particularly women, in our work to change how care is given, valued and received in our country. This is because we know that historically and presently, Black and Brown women have been most impacted by an unjust and inequitable care system. Our theory of change is that by improving the care infrastructure for Black and Brown caregivers first, we will achieve the collective care solutions that will benefit us all.

The Request

Caring Across seeks a DEI collaborator to help guide our team as we move our campaign from a white-led campaign towards a multi-racial, multi-generational campaign (staff) centered in active anti-racism practices and structures, with a specific emphasis on addressing anti-Black racism within the systems, structures, and processes.

Scope of Work

Our team has collectively identified the following areas of focus for our internal DEI work:

  1. Building and improving our racial equity internal culture. We have identified the need for a series of scaffolding working sessions– for supervision and management, cross-department and coworker relations, and all-staff training(s) to address themes such as tokenism, implicit bias, and white supremacy work culture.
  2. Developing an audit system for our hiring, retention, and compensation policies, and assisting us in implementing a plan to revamp them. This work would include:
    • An audit of salaries through a racial equity lens; helping us put into place a system for changing our system based on the results of the audit; and transparently sharing the results and new plans with our full team.
    • Helping CAG create a system to review past exit interviews to see if there are specific elements related to racial justice (microaggressions, culturally competent management issues, lack of support or resources, etc) that can be addressed moving forward.
    • Assisting our Management Team in evaluating and revamping hiring practices to be centered in equity specifically to address:
      • Eliminating tokenism in the interview process
      • Improving recruitment of staff of color
      • Identifying practices that are preferential to white people and help us eliminate them
      • Structuring CAG so that people of various ages, backgrounds, abilities etc., are able to work here (ex: caregivers; job sharing, education and work history)
  3. Support and provide training/development tools and/or curriculum for our caucuses and working groups as needed or as deemed necessary. Our working groups/caucuses that might require support include:
    • CAG’s racial justice taskforce
    • Black staff working group
    • Non-Black POC working group
    • White and white passing anti-racism working group

Additionally, we are asking for help to establish a sustainable DEI foundation from which staff can continue the work beyond the scope of the initial contract with a consultant.

Evaluation Procedure:

A. Interview Committee
Members of the Caring Across team who have volunteered to assist with this process will comprise the interview committee. Interview questions will include the following:

  1. Have you worked with an organization like ours before?
  2. Have you done a project like this before? Tell us about similar work you have done in the way of designing a full inclusiveness initiative.
  3. Do you view your work style as a neutral facilitator, a guide, or a participant in the project?
  4. Tell us about your philosophical approach to this type of training and specific examples of most and least successful experiences.
  5. How many other clients and projects will you be handling while you’re working with us?

B. Evaluation Criteria

  • Experience and proven outcomes
  • References
  • Price

C. Selection Process
If interested, submit a proposal to Samantha Greene at Caring Across Generations via email (samantha@caringacross.org) no later than Monday, September 21, 2020. Interviews for candidates will be scheduled the week of Sept. 21 through September 25 if needed; the committee will consist of Caring Across Generations staff. It is anticipated that a Consultant will be selected and approved by October 9, 2020.

Proposal Guidelines

  • General description of your approach, expertise, capabilities, and interest in the SOW outlined above.
  • Overview of how you work with clients, including how you staff your teams, descriptions of who will be assigned to us and what their roles will be, and how you would manage projects and our relationship, etc.
  • A few exemplary case studies of successful work that you have developed and managed for similar campaigns.
  • Proposal of scope of work for us, based on the information in the SOW.
  • Budgets and cost breakdown – including description of your fee structure and how we would be charged.
  • Two references including contact name, email, telephone number, services provided and length of service.