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Take the Fair Care Pledge!


By Caring Across staff

What do Sheila Marcelo, CEO of Care.com; Ai-jen Poo, Caring Across co-director and MacArthur “Genius” fellow; and President Bill Clinton all have in common?

Here’s the answer: they’re all supporters of the Fair Care Pledge, a new national effort by Care.com, the National Domestic Workers Alliance, and Hand in Hand to promote quality care and quality jobs in our growing care economy. And today, in Denver, they took the stage to ask all of us who employ caregivers to make our homes a workplace we can be proud of, by signing the Pledge.

Learn more about the Fair Care Pledge here: www.faircarepledge.com.

The Fair Care Pledge asks families who hire child care or elder care workers, either for elder care or child care, to commit to three practices of fair employment:

1. Fair pay

2. Clear expectations

3. Paid time off

This is huge. Care workers, who are the fastest-growing lowest-paid workforce in the entire country, have for decades been denied basic labor protections. Care work is the kind of work that is too often not even viewed as a profession, despite the incredibly important work they do providing assistance and support for families.

But this new initiative between Care.com, a national, publicly traded company; the National Domestic Workers Alliance; and Hand in Hand points the way towards how employers, who often want to do the right thing, can work together with the people they count on to care for their loved ones to build the sustainable care economy that we need in the 21st century.

As Caring Across co-director Ai-jen Poo said: “The need for family care in America is growing exponentially. Care jobs will be the jobs of the future, and it’s in all of our interest to ensure that the quality of the jobs reflect the true value and importance of the work. Fairness and quality care go hand-in-hand.”

If you’re an employer of a care worker, plan on employing one in the future, or simply support the values of the Pledge, join us in taking the Fair Care Pledge today: www.faircarepledge.com.

Together, we can help families do the right thing in their homes, increase the quality of these critical jobs, and improve the quality of care that our loved ones need.

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