Book Club - Caring Across Generations

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Read The Age of Dignity with your family and friends, and decide how you want to care and be cared for.

Conversations about how we want to live and care for one another with dignity are among the most important we can have with our families and communities. And they’re becoming even more urgent as we all get older, or face the changing care needs of the people we love. That’s where The Age of Dignity: Preparing for the Elder Boom in a Changing America and this Book Club Kit come in.

The Age of Dignity, by social visionary Ai-jen Poo, tells the stories of families grappling with how to manage, choose and afford the care they want while presenting an empowering roadmap for how we can build a “caring majority” to live life on our own terms. This Kit will help readers use the book to spark constructive conversations about the issues and paths for change. You’ll find tips, discussion prompts, and valuable ways to take action!

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