Our Statement on the House’s Trumpcare/Wealthcare Disaster


Yesterday, the House voted to take away healthcare from millions of Americans by passing the American Health Care Act (AHCA) – a bill with a 17% approval rating. This was a shameful moment in our history, but this fight is far from over.

The work of public officials is to address the pressing issues we face, and, for us at Caring Across Generations, that means strengthening care for our families across generations, not weakening it. With a booming aging population, what we need is high quality care. What we need is affordable care, and the ability to choose how and where we get our care. What we need is care that makes living with dignity a reality.

The bill that House Republican leadership recklessly rushed through yesterday hurts our loved ones at every stage of life. Its cruelty is almost unimaginable: it guts Medicaid, the nation’s largest payer of home and community-based care; compromises Medicare; and makes coverage for older adults and women more costly, raising premiums 750 percent for older adults aging into poverty. It takes away vital services from people who need it the most to fund tax breaks for those that need them the least. This is not who we are as a nation.

Our collective fight now turns to the Senate to prioritize people over politics and profit. Senators on both sides of the aisle have already spoken out against the AHCA. We can, and we will, win this fight.

Thank you for all that you’ve done already to protect our care, and to protect our democracy.

The Caring Across Generations Team

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