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Solving the Home Care Crisis at the State Level


The riddle of how to best serve the aging population has become increasingly complex, as the demand for long-term services and supports (LTSS) is expected to surge over the next few years amid significant workforce challenges, the preference among Americans to age in place and limited resources to make that possible for much of the population.

Current programs and solutions for long-term care won’t do the trick. Medicare and Medicaid have their restrictions, and private pay options aren’t always within reach for many families. Institutional settings like skilled nursing facilities aren’t necessarily the best answer, either, nor are they where many seniors want to reside.

That’s why Caring Across Generations recently released guidelines on what can be done at the state level to design a new care solution—one that aims to expand coverage and access to affordable home care. The goal of the report, titled “Preparing for the Elder Boom: A Framework for State Solutions,” is to present components of a statewide insurance program, the necessary financing mechanisms to support it and ways to bolster a strong workforce to make it all possible.

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