8/14: Join our #SocSec80 Twitterstorm


Social Security is turning 80 on Friday, August 14th!

To celebrate this important anniversary, Caring Across Generations and our partners are holding a Twitterstorm on Friday to highlight the critical need to protect and expand Social Security for today’s families — and we hope you can join us.

More info:
What: #SocSec80 Twitterstorm on the 80th anniversary of the passage of Social Security
Date: Friday, August 14th
Time: 2 to 3 PM ET (and throughout the day)
Where: On Twitter, with the hashtag #SocSec80 (Note: We also encourage you to use the hashtags #SocialSecurity and #ExpandSocialSecurity)

Here are a few sample tweets:

Happy 80th birthday #SocialSecurity! Let’s ensure this vital program is strong for another 80 years: bit.ly/ProtectAndExpand #SocSec80

Before #SocialSecurity, half of America’s seniors lived in poverty. Today, it’s less than 10 percent. #SocSec80

Caregivers lose $140,000 in #SocialSecurity benefits when they leave the workforce to care for a loved one. #ExpandSocialSecurity #SocSec80

Caregivers shouldn’t lose #SocialSecurity benefits when they need to leave work to care for a loved one. #ExpandSocialSecurity #SocSec80

#SocialSecurity provides dignity & security to so many of us. Let’s ensure this vital program is strong for another 80 years #SocSec80

Happy 80th, #SocialSecurity! Tell Congress we need to #ExpandSocialSecurity: bit.ly/ProtectAndExpand #SocSec80

#SocialSecurity keeps millions of Americans out of poverty. Tell Congress we need to expand, not cut: bit.ly/ProtectAndExpand #SocSec80

38.3 million working age households have zero retirement savings. We must protect & expand #SocialSecurity for working families! #SocSec80

​2/3 of seniors who receive #SocialSecurity rely on the program for half or more of their income. It’s time to #ExpandSocialSecurity. #SocSec80

79% of likely voters – Democrats, Republicans and Independents – want to see #SocialSecurity benefits expanded, not cut. #SocSec80

#SocialSecurity has never contributed one penny to the deficit because it is independently funded by the payroll tax. #SocSec80

Why does Social Security matter?

In the 20th century, we took bold action by creating Social Security to allow seniors and people with disabilities to live with dignity, instead of poverty.

For decades, this vital cornerstone of our society has kept millions of seniors and people with disabilities out of poverty, and enabled them to live at home and in their communities.

But today, millions of families are struggling with impacts of a new gaping hole in our social safety net, and one that is jeopardizing our collective ability to retire with dignity — how we will meet, and pay for, our growing long-term care needs.

Not only are caregivers struggling with the financial cost of care — they’re also putting their own retirement security in jeopardy. Caregivers lose about $140,000 in total Social Security benefits because they have to leave the workforce to care for their loved ones.

All of us should be able to care for our loved ones without worrying that we’ll be living in poverty down the road.

It’s time that we not only expand Social Security, but also address the need to ensure that the millions of caregivers who leave the workforce can retire with dignity as well.

Join us on Friday, August 14th to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Social Security, and to call for the solutions we need for 21st-century families.

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