Profiles in Caring: D’Rosa Davis


D’Rosa Davis is a member of the Atlanta Chapter of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, a Caring Across Generations field partner.

At a May 7 press conference she spoke about the importance of federal wage protections for home care workers.

“There is a lot to the job of a care worker that people don’t always realize. We do laundry and light housekeeping, prepare meals; we also prepare the medicine and make sure our clients take them; we keep our clients active, physically and mentally, which is so important when people are aging.

“I earn $9 an hour. I have earned this for all eight years that I have worked. I work 70 hours one week, and then around 45 the next week. My longer weeks are seven days on the job. I do not get any overtime. Like any mom I wish I didn’t haven’t to work so much — but when at $9 an hour what choice do I have? Earning so little means I can’t do much with my kids — and that breaks my heart. I deserve overtime protections and so do 2 million other workers.”

D’Rosa took a day off from a 70-hour workweek to take a plane to DC and speak at the press conference.

Her journey from Stone Mountain, Georgia started at 5am. After her first flight ever, she spoke at the press conference — also her first press conference — and then dropped in to visit her federal representatives to thank them for supporting homecare work. After a long and busy day, she headed back onto a plane to return to Atlanta, where she would say good night to her children and then return to work the next day.

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