The Power of Storytelling: Ask Me If I Care


Storytellers to present their personal care stories at LA showcase

LOS ANGELES, CA — Some of the best stories aren’t pitched in writers rooms, and they don’t happen on set. Instead, they start in our homes or in our workplace and star us and the people we’re closest to. They are stories about love, joy and interdependence. They are about conflict, loss and life-changing moments. They are stories anchored by dynamic, complicated relationships. They are stories of care, caring and caregiving.

On April 13 at the Directors Guild Theater Two in Hollywood, at a showcase co-hosted by Caring Across Generations and MPTF, storytellers from the entertainment community and caregivers from across Los Angeles, will come together for “Ask Me If I Care” — an evening of listening to and being inspired by the extraordinary stories developed as part of The Moth’s community storytelling workshop program. The evening will be emceed by Lauren Miller Rogen, who joins the event as a strong advocate for Alzheimer’s research, awareness and care through her work with Hilarity for Charity, the organization she created with her husband Seth Rogen to raise awareness of the disease among millennials.

“Storytelling is in the DNA of the entertainment industry,” said MPTF CEO Bob Beitcher. “What we sometimes overlook is that we all have great, moving, funny, interesting stories inside us, stories that if told properly can have the same kind of profound impact on others as they have had on ourselves. The Moth workshops have been brilliant in helping our storytellers shape their personal narratives into engaging, moving content and I know “Ask Me If I Care” will be a very special evening,” Beitcher concluded.

Through the well-honed stories they crafted during The Moth’s storytelling workshop, our storytellers will take us on journeys through unflinchingly real, transformative, sometimes hilarious and often touching accounts of the most personal, yet universal, experiences in their lives.

“We’ve had great results when we’ve teamed up with The Moth’s community program to develop care storytellers. The stories that are generated are so genuine and moving,” said Ai-jen Poo, co-director of Caring Across Generations. “Most of us have a care story, but so often the individual stories are not brought together to paint a complete picture of caregiving. Stories are how we make the invisible experiences of caregiving visible in our culture and the media.”

“Our partnership with the Moth’s community program has allowed us to tap into the connective power of story. We are excited to work with them as well as Hollywood’s storytellers, and to partner with cultural and artistic organizations to tell more stories that reflect the realities of today’s working families,” said Ms. Poo.

Each of the “Ask Me If I Care” stories on April 13 is a result of intensive workshopping with instructors of The Moth’s community program, which works to foster development, community, and creative expression through the art and craft of storytelling. The is an acclaimed not-for-profit organization dedicated to the art and craft of live storytelling. In addition to hosting story slams and Mainstage shows,The Moth Radio Hour airs on more than 200 stations nationwide, and The Moth Podcast, which has more than 70,000 subscribers, is downloaded more than 1 million times a month.

“Ask Me If I Care” begins at 7 PM, and will be followed by an 8:30 dessert reception where attendees can meet and talk with storytellers, network with entertainment industry colleagues, and likeminded people who appreciate a good tale.

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Motion Picture and Television Fund
For over 95 years, MPTF (Motion Picture and Television Fund) has served as a safety net for entertainment industry members. As a charitable organization, MPTF provides programs and services essential to the well-being of individuals, their families and the industry community at large and is a recognized leader in Senior Care and Palliative Care services. MPTF is supported by the generosity of fellow entertainment workers, and corporate donors united by a common thread of ”Hollywood helping Hollywood – We Take Care Of Our Own.“ For more information visit and donate at

Caring Across Generations
Caring Across Generations is building a national movement for a new approach to caregiving — one that supports the needs and dignity of our elders, our families and the caregiving workforce. As part of our mission, we partner with artists, cultural institutions and the entertainment industry to promote narratives about the joys and complexities of aging, intergenerational relationships, and the value of care.

​We thank Delta, MPTF’s official corporate partner, for their generous support of Ask Me If I Care

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