Power Couple: Caregivers & Seniors push Congress to protect the ACA


As Congress threatens to repeal the Affordable Care Act, millions of people are worrying about whether their health care coverage and their peace of mind will be stripped away. As we’ve seen from the town halls where constituents have called on their elected officials to preserve and protect the ACA, telling our representatives why the ACA matters is critical, and most importantly, it works.

That’s why, on January 30, 2017, Caring Across Generations organized a national caregiver call-in day to Congress to tell our stories and make sure our elected officials hear our voices. We were joined by several of our allies, including the National Domestic Workers Alliance, Diverse Elders Coalition, the Altarum Institute, Justice in Aging, Social Security Works, the Center for Medicare Rights, and the Center for Medicare Advocacy.

Aging Americans under the age of 65 and caregivers are two growing populations that would be heavily impacted by the repeal of the ACA, as well as by efforts to gut Medicaid and Medicare. On that day, hundreds of aging Americans and caregivers called their elected representatives and demanded that they protect the Affordable Care Act, sharing their own personal stories of how the ACA has benefited them and their families by providing essential health coverage.

The Affordable Care Act is essential to so many of our lives, yet Republicans in Congress are proposing we replace care with chaos. Americans who have worked hard rely on the coverage provided by the ACA to be able to see their doctor; afford their medications; and not have to choose between their health and putting food on the table. Our families — and caregivers especially — need more support, not less, and repealing the ACA would be a huge step backward, right at a time when we need to move forward.

Thousands of people across the country have been and will continue to organize to stop the repeal. We hope you will join us!

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