Policy Agenda - Caring Across Generations

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Policy Agenda

Planning for long-term care is not just personal - it’s political.

We’re working to bring our caregiving infrastructure into the 21st century, so everyone can age and care with dignity.

We’re living longer than ever before, and we can’t always expect family members to give up everything to care for us. It’s time for policies that support both seniors and people with disabilities who need care, and the families and professional caregivers who care for them. Here’s what we need:

to Care

Let’s reset the standard of care. Everyone should have access to affordable, quality long-term care - including the freedom to live at home.

Support for

Let’s give families a break. Hardworking people everywhere are spending everything they’ve saved just to care for their loved ones. Something’s gotta give.

Care Jobs

Let’s make it possible for professional caregivers to actually stay on the job and support their own families. It’s not just fair; it’s common sense.

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Here's What it'll take to get there

Our Legislative Network

Our legislative partners are promoting caregiving policies in State Houses from Augusta to Honolulu and Olympia to Atlanta. Find out about the work they're doing, and how your local elected official can help change the way we care

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