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Our Work

Narrative and Culture Change

Caring Across Generations seeks to shift cultural narratives and norms related to caregiving and lead people towards collective solutions. To accomplish that, we need to replace existing narratives that make caregivers invisible, undeserving and isolated, with new ones that socially value and support caregivers. We do this by transforming cultural norms and narratives through storytelling, leveraging pop culture, and tapping into Hollywood by incorporating care stories in television and movie storylines. Over the long-term, Caring Across seeks to create cultural and policy impact across the widest possible audiences/populations and to address the lifelong caregiving needs of everyone.

This is Us cast sits with Ai-jen Poo and Seth and Lauren Miller Rogen, talking


Recently, Caring Across Generations launched its Creative Care Council, partnering with Yvette Nicole Brown, Bradley Cooper, Brandee Evans, Yves Mathieu East, Richard Lui, Lauren Miller Rogen and Seth Rogen, and Megan Thee Stallion in an effort to change the way our culture and policies value and support caregiving.