Opinion podcast: How the Maine People’s Alliance is cracking the code


This podcast originally appeared on the Portland Press Herald. Listen to it there.

Editorial Page Editor Greg Kesich and columnist Bill Nemitz dig into last week’s election results with Taryn Hallweaver of the MPA, and see what’s behind the organization’s big win on Medicaid expansion.

In 2016, a victory at the polls for a substantial minimum wage hike was a small bright spot for progressives in what was an otherwise devastating election. Now, some of the same people behind that referendum were able to pass a Medicaid expansion law over vocal opposition from Gov. LePage. Hallweaver is the legislative director for the MPA and she discusses these policy successes, progressive politics in general and the organization’s next big goal— a statewide referendum on a universal long-term-care benefit for seniors who want to stay in their homes.

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