Making immigration work for working women - Caring Across Generations

Making immigration work for working women


Domestic care workers are aspiring Americans who work hard every day so America’s families and economy can work too. Many of you listening to my testimony today benefit from the work of domestic workers. In our modern, demanding economy, domestic workers do the work that makes all other work possible. It’s time we make our immigration policy work for domestic workers.

Any common-sense immigration reform legislation must include a roadmap to citizenship that acknowledges the contributions of the millions of mothers and women who are valued contributors to our communities. This road cannot put undue obstacles, roadblocks, dangers and detours in the way, such as requiring proof of employment in order to qualify. If immigration reform doesn’t help domestic workers and undocumented moms throughout our country, then we can’t really call it reform.

Testimony presented by Caring Across Generations Co-Director Ai-jen Poo at “How Comprehensive Immigration Reform Should Address the Needs of Women and Families”

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