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Lauren Miller Rogen and Seth Rogen urge support for Maine’s Homecare For All initiative


Lauren Miller Rogen is a film writer and director and the founder of Hilarity for Charity, a non-profit that works to boost Alzheimer’s education and research, often in close cooperation with her husband, the actor and comedian Seth Rogen.

Now they have teamed up again to support Question 1, a ballot initiative in Maine supported by Caring Across partner Maine People’s Alliance, that would help less well-off families cope with the steep costs of caring for elders, people with dementia, and people with disabilities.

They’ve recorded a video that explains what’s at stake and why they support Question 1.

Miller Rogen has personal experience with caregiving because her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s more than a decade ago.

In addition to supporting caregivers, Alzheimer’s research and education, and Question 1, she is the writer and director of an unusual rom-com available on Netflix called Like Father. A key driver of the plot is Kelsey Grammer’s character’s struggles to pay the health care costs of a loved one with dementia, making it one of the few fiction films that strives to show the authentic challenges that face people who make the decision to be there for their families and loved ones. And it’s a comedy!

Watch the video and then make a date to watch the movie.


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