The Importance of Long-Term Care for Families - Caring Across Generations

The Importance of Long-Term Care for Families


My great-grandma has lived with my great-uncle ever since she was 50 years old, after she became a widow.

At first, she had the ability to take care of herself. In fact, she had so much energy that she would wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning to go for a walk. Then she would come home around 7 o’clock to make breakfast for the whole family. Afterwards, she would go out to the garden to water the plants, feed the turtles, and play with the dog.

But as she got older, she became more fragile and reliant on others. Once she reached 70 years old, she slowly stopped her daily routine of going on walks, making breakfast, and going out to the garden.

Eventually, she was not even capable of driving herself to her doctor appointments that was only 20 minutes away by car. As a result, she depended on my great-uncle to drive her places because they were living together.

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