Gubernatorial candidate discuss senior service issues in Springfield - Caring Across Generations

Gubernatorial candidate discuss senior service issues in Springfield


This article originally appeared on News Channel 20. Read the original there.

Springfield residents had a better understanding of what Democratic gubernatorial candidates will fight for if one of them makes it into office.

The candidates addressed senior issues during an open forum discussion Tuesday night.

The forum was held at the Senior Services for central Illinois.

Those in attendance were excited to talk about key topics in the retirement community.

“I’m here to see what these candidates for office have to say and see if it jives with what I want for myself and union brothers and sisters and fellow community,” retired state employee Ralph Gallagher said.

Topics that came up in the discussion were taxes, healthcare, and the Illinois budget.

The event was sponsored by Caring Across Generations Action Fund and Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans.

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