Fighting Hate With Fiery Love


This past weekend, the violence unleashed in Charlottesville, VA was a painful reminder of the depth of racism and hate that continues to exist in our country. Its expression as terrorist acts, and its virulence as the ideology of white supremacy and fascism, harms our families and friends and forms one of the fundamental barriers to building a society committed to dignified care for everyone within it.

The response from millions of people across the country since then—joining together across race, age, and ability—to condemn these actions and everything they represent, is also a reminder. While hate persists, a caring majority exists in this country that is committed to the principle that we all deserve dignified care, and a society that is rooted in caring for one another.

On Saturday, as white nationalists engaged in the latest wave of violence underpinning their beliefs, three members of our staff were together at a memorial for another member of our team. Kathleen Duffy was a fierce and committed social justice activist her entire life, who we recently lost to a fight with cancer. At her service, almost everyone who spoke about Kathleen talked about her relentless pursuit of justice generated from a place of deep love and compassion. The priest talked about the emptiness of religious words without acts and action.

The connection between the implicit and explicit calls to live a life in accordance to our values, and the heartbreaking and enraging events in Charlottesville, have made the necessity of creating a country that works for all us all the more urgent and personal for us at Caring Across Generations.

In our personal lives and our daily work, we are committed to doing the hard work of examining and transforming the racism in our own individual perceptions and behaviors; courageously calling out and challenging everyday racism that appears in our families, workplaces and communities; and routing out the inequality built into our institutional structures and systems that lie at the core of the challenges we face today to truly transform the way we care.

We celebrate everyone who came out to reject the hate in rallies across the country. And we unite in solidarity with Charlottesville and in faith and commitment to harness the power of the #CaringMajority.

Memorial card for Caring Across Generations staff member Kathleen Duffy who passed in July 2017.

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