Episode 107: The Ground Game


This post originally appeared on agewyz.com on July 27, 2017. Read it there.

This week as Senators wade through healthcare bills known and unknown, everyday citizens and grassroots campaigns like Caring Across Generations (CAG) continue to push for health policies that reflect the realities of 21st century life. In today’s show we catch up with CAG’s Political Director, Kevin Simowitz, who tells us what the campaign is planning in response to attacks on the Affordable Care Act and on Medicaid, how the 2018 elections will be shaped by care and tactics that will be used to hold the candidates accountable. Kevin also talks about progress in some of the states, including Maine’s Universal Family Care bill, designed to cover child and senior care, Hawai’i’s recently passed Kupuna Caregiver Act and the Michigan study bill he’s excited about. He tells us how he stays motivated in the ongoing effort to transform the way America cares, and we get an update on the health of Kevin’s 90-year-old grandmother (aka “Gammy”).

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