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Equality Can’t Wait


Caring Across Generations is thrilled to announce that we are the recipients of a $10 million Equality Can’t Wait Grant from Pivotal with our partners at the National Domestic Workers Alliance, the National Women’s Law Center, The Arc, MomsRising Education Fund, and Family Values @ Work! This is an incredible opportunity for our work to transform attitudes around caregiving which are heavily influenced by gender and racial biases, and to build a care infrastructure that uplifts us all!

Keep scrolling to learn more about the grant and how we’re going to leverage it to make real change!

Our Proposal

Transforming care will alleviate the burden of care, accelerate women’s power, influence, and agency to control their resources and financial future, choose how they and their families receive care, and allow them to be fully active in the home, society, and workplace.

This transformation requires 1) a narrative and cultural environment that values care and 2) robust care infrastructure policies that support all stages of life.

To do so, we and our coalition partners, will build a movement of nationally and locally co-created state coalition tables as the vehicles of our work to co-develop and implement our three strategies centered around women of color:

  1. Coalition Building to build trust, relationships, and power across multi-issue care organizations and stakeholders with an aligned interest in the need for care solutions.
  2. Culture Change to transform the societal norms and culture of care.
  3. Case Making and Research to shape, defend, and implement evidence-based solutions and policies informed by the voice and experiences of women caregivers.

This five year landmark anchor investment will allow us to perform culture change work at the national and state-level, in concert and support of our coalition-building strategy by developing targeted state strategies that are pivotal to move from awareness to lasting culture change. The national-level strategy will reinforce the state-level work through the creation of relatable messaging and materials geared towards targeted audiences in states we believe are critical to win.

Our roles and connections to multiple coalitions across care initiatives can propel change forward through a movement-based approach, agile enough to seize upon unforeseen opportunities and troubleshoot new challenges. This also means like-minded partners who understand that solving for women of color solves for all.

The current national political discourse presents us with a huge opening. The pandemic has awakened many to the lack of a strong care infrastructure. The President of the United States has announced economic recovery plans that invest in our caregiving systems and caregivers as a central component to the strategy. There is new momentum to shift our culture and policy toward valuing care but it will take even more resources to fulfill our mandate at the scale needed to drive lasting impacts.

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For press or media inquiries, please contact our Media Relations Manager, Ja-Rei Wang at jwang@caringacross.org


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