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Ai-jen Poo talks to xoJane about our movement

In this wide-ranging interview, Ai-jen speaks about the importance of uniting aging Americans, people with disabilities, and their caregivers in a movement centered around valuing care.

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Op-ed: Long-term care can unite us in 2014

As pundits debate the merits of the Affordable Care Act and health care applications slowly creep upward toward 7 million, there is a little known provision in the ACA that will have a profound impact on how Ohio cares for its elderly.

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On the fight for racial justice in caregiving

Black History Month gives us a moment to reflect on the progress our country has made in the name of racial justice – and the distance we still have to go.

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Co-director Ai-jen Poo speaks on the care economy

Watch our co-director Ai-jen Poo talk about the care economy on MSNBC

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Can Caring Across Generations change the world?

To keep up with the aging population we need to transform our long-term care. But first we need to talk, out loud, about care.

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America’s fastest growing job pays poorly

Meet home health care aides.

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