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The Caring Majority is coming to congress!


On Tuesday, May 7th, over 100 members of Caring Across Generations traveled to Washington D.C. for a Congressional Briefing. This briefing came on the heels of Senator Tom Harkin and Representative Jan Schakowsky reintroducing resolutions  in the House and Senate calling for a comprehensive approach to the urgent home care needs affecting our communities nationwide.

Watch this powerful short video montage about our delegation to congress, and the resolutions we got introduced. 

Resoultions HR197 and SR128 call on Congress to take a comprehensive approach to expanding and supporting a strong home care workforce and making long-term services and supports affordable and accessible in communities. We believe this is necessary to uphold the right of seniors and individuals with disabilities in the United States to a dignified quality of life.

To see a full video of the Senate Briefing click here.

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