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Caring Across Generations Statement of Support for Reproductive Rights


At Caring Across Generations, we believe that all people deserve access to quality and affordable care across the lifespan, so that we can all fulfill our full potential and live joyful, dignified lives. This means working hard to fix our care infrastructure, valuing the hard work of care, and advocating for supports that lift women and families out of poverty. And this also means fighting against laws that force them further into it.

That’s why we can’t sit by quietly as abortion bans sweep several states in our nation, and as lawmakers take aim at Roe v. Wade. In our campaign, we see everyday how caregiving without proper supports becomes a driver of inequality for people who are already marginalized — especially for women, women of color, and low-income women. Denying families proper supports — like paid family and medical leave, universal childcare, and long-term care — and then forcing women into caregiving situations by restricting and criminalizing their right to an abortion is a targeted assault on their dignity.

We believe ALL people have the right to live well and age with dignity. Dignity requires the power to make decisions about our own bodies. Dignity requires a culture that sees caregiving as a collective issue and provides families with the supports they need to care well. Dignity requires affirming and upholding the personhood, value, and autonomy of ALL women.

Please take the time to learn from, engage with, and support the organizations below.


Image Credit: Ashley Lukashevsky x Planned Parenthood of NYC
Twitter: @AshleyLukash x @PPFA of NYC

Image Description: Brown skinned, long haired person, on one knee hugging their chest. Flowing hair has text which reads: “Abortion is healthcare.”

A heart with vitals symbol is floating in front of them.



Organizations we’re following:

Access Reproductive Care Southeast ‪@ARC_Southeast
Sister Song ‪@SisterSong_WOC
National Network of Abortion Funds @AbortionFunds
Yellowhammer Fund (Alabama) @Yellowfund
If/When/How @ifwhenhow

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