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Todd Gray & Ellen Kassoff-Gray: Sardine Sandwiches

Todd Gray and Ellen Kassoff-Gray, authors of the bestselling cookbook "The New Jewish Table," share a #granecdote and a sardine sandwich recipe.

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Chef Tren’ness Woods-Black: Thanksgiving Purlow

Tren-ness Woods-Black, granddaughter of Sylvia Wood, shares a #granecdote about her grandma's After Thanksgiving Purlow

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Jessica Seinfeld: The Granny Egg

Jessica Seinfeld, author of two NYT bestselling cookbooks, shares the story of and recipe for the Granny Egg

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Chef Candice Kumai: My Grandma’s Miso Soup

Candice Kumai, co-star of Lifetime's “Cook Yourself Thin” and The Food Network's “Iron Chef America,” shares a heartwarming #granecdote about her grandmother

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