Ai-jen Poo Applauds Hawaiʻi on Passage of Care Law


(HONOLULU, HI) – Ai-jen Poo, co-director of Caring Across Generations, congratulated the state of Hawaiʻi today for their unanimous passage of innovative legislation establishing the Kupuna Caregivers Assistance Program.

“Caring Across Generations celebrates Hawaiʻi’s passage of the Kupuna Caregivers Assistance Program. This timely investment in their care infrastructure sets an example for states across the country who must address the growing needs of family caregivers as more older adults seek to age in the community. With this program, Hawaiʻi has not only developed a groundbreaking solution, it has lifted up critical values such as care, family and community that are deeply embedded in the culture and politics of the state.

We look forward to Governor Ige signing this bill into law and affirming Hawaii’s commitment to caregivers and older adults, and we congratulate the legislators who championed the Kupuna Caregivers program.”

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